Protesters chide ‘mainstream media’; Obama

Protesters chide ‘mainstream media,’ Obama.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don Putnam said he gets frustrated when he speaks to his neighbors in South Austin and they have not heard about issues that he considers important, those that he learned about through conservative media sources such as the Fox News Channel.

An example, he said, is a story accusing workers at ACORN, a national group dedicated to community organizing, of engaging in various forms of illegal activity. The story broke last month on Fox News, which aired the work of filmmakers who went undercover at several offices of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

Putnam said he was frustrated with the lag between the time that the story was on Fox and when it made onto what he calls the “mainstream media,” including the American-Statesman.

To vent his frustration, Putnam joined more than 40 people with various gripes — including the Obama administration — in a protest at the foot of the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, near an entrance to the Statesman.

They call themselves “tea party” protesters and said theirs was among other protests of media outlets happening across the nation. One of the reasons for the protests was what organizers said was a lack of reporting on previous “tea party” protests.

However, Lily Wright, 54, of Elgin told the Statesman, “You all have been reporting our events,” and in light of that “we really shouldn’t be here.”

Her husband, Dennis Wright, 55, sought to dispel what he said were accusations that the “tea party” protesters were from the political fringe.

“We are not all nuts. We really think that government is going in the wrong direction,” he said.

June Reynolds, 47, of Pflugerville called for more investigations of President Barack Obama’s Cabinet.

“The media,” she said, “is not even investigating.”; 912-2946

2 responses to “Protesters chide ‘mainstream media’; Obama

  1. Chavez is calling the shots with Obama.

    the following is from “The Chavez-Obama U.N. Plot Against Honduras” by Cliff Kincaid:

    “…former Marxist SDS radical Tom Hayden, leader of Progressives for Obama, has written about the Obama-Chavez relationship. Based on his own inside sources of information, Hayden said that he thinks Obama and Chavez are working together on Honduras and have an “understanding,” which he even describes as “collaboration.” The call Chavez made to Shannon suggests that Chavez is calling the shots. ”

    ” …this would benefit Iran, a terrorist state developing nuclear weapons which is developing a vast network throughout Latin America. A recent report from the organization examines the deep Iranian connections to Venezuela as well as Bolivia…

    “…If the Obama Administration is, in effect, acting as an agent of Venezuela and Iran in Honduras, such a foreign policy could be described not only as anti American but potentially treasonous, considering that the outcome could be the loss of another country in Latin America to the Chavez brand of communism.

    It is time for some investigative reporting into the nature of the Chavez Obama axis. ”

    Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of Accuracy in Media

  2. that is why the government is directing the media to use propaganda against Americans at Tea Party events.

    We need to protest. Wake up Americans!!

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