Say Thanks Austin – Legend

Say Thanks Austin – Legend.

Please vote for Lola, she has a heart for the poor and she gives to the poor everyday!

Lola Stephens-Bell feeds the rich and the poor alike from her East Austin restaurant

Stephens-Bell says she understands what it feels like to struggle and wants anyone who needs a little extra help to know that she is there for them. From the minute they walk through the door of Nubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Soul Food Restaurant, customers are treated like family; but it’s the customers who come through the back that make Lola’s establishment truly exceptional. Aside from the excellent food and exceptional customer service that has become standard from every dining experience, something extraordinary is quietly simmering on the backburner. Stephens-Bell feeds the homeless joyfully and without any reservations, and is making a pivotal impact on the lives of everyone she reaches. Stephens-Bell donated her “Pay-It-Forward” money to Hope Street Austin.

click image to play video

Legend of RecognizeGood
March 2011 Legend of RecognizeGood.mp4

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