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Four new States join Georgia in challenging Obama’s eligibility for the Ballot and one of them is …

Four new States join Georgia in challenging Obama’s eligibility for the Ballot and one of them is ….


…and Official Challenges have been filed in Alabama, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. Finally the word JUSTICE is ringing true to the American people.

Numerous Organizations are popping up to support the Laws under the Constitution and put a stop to the theft of the highest office of the United States of America. Freedom Nations is one who advocates a petition to support the Eligibility Requirements be mandatory in every state https://secure.freedomdonations.com/proofpositive/demand_proo…

But the biggest news is that one of the states seeking justice and proof of eligibility, beyond Nancy Pelosi’s certification is ILLINOIS. A State that knows too well Obama’s lack of accomplishments since he served as an Illinois Senator but the majority of his service was cloaked with Present votes. A vote to record one’s presence in the senate, but abstinence of any real stance.

Hilary Clinton called the record correctly when she said, “In the Illinois State Senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times ‘present,'”
Clinton said. “That’s not ‘yes.’ That’s not ‘no.’ That’s ‘maybe.'”

This week, Retired ASAR LTC William F. Reade filed an official ballot challenge with election officials, contending that Barack Obama is ineligible to appear on the Massachusetts ballot. Reade’s challenge is well researched and filled with numerous legal citations to back his case.

But perhaps most interesting are the similarities between LTC Reade’s and

Barack Obama’s citizenship status. Like Obama, Reade was born in the United

States. But, also like Obama whose father was a Kenyan citizen and therefore a

British subject, Reade’s father was also a British subject. As such, Reade

correctly points out that he himself is not a “natural born citizen” as defined

by the Supreme Court and therefore, like Barack Obama, Reade is also ineligible

for the office of President.

Commentary: So the Liberals and Progressives can call the race card, stomp their feet and scream foul all they want the facts are facts. Obama has not been proven eligible under US law and unless he does so his HOPE is fading. He and his highly paid legal eagles failure to appear in court and failure to produce an unquestionable paper document proving his citizenship are still yet to be found. 3 years is a long time to hide Obama, we’re coming.

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