Presidential Election Process |

When the general election comes up in November,  anyone can vote for the candidate of their choice even if they voted for the other party in the primary election.

You can vote straight party democrat or straight party republican.  In this way you are automatically voting for everyone that is from that party that is on the ballot for this election. You can also go down the  ballot and vote individually for each candidate in each race regardless of party. You may also just vote for 1 candidate in 1 race, etc.

You are not bound to vote the same way you did in the primary election. There are many voters that do not know the rules and think that they have to vote for the party they voted for in the primary. It is a secret ballot and no one knows who voted for anyone candidate, so vote your conscience and not because of what anyone tells you or because everyone in your circle is voting the same way.

Educate yourself, count the pros and cons and be an educated voter.


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