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2012 drkate

Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured … but not prove they are a citizen.”


Hawaii verified two things that are fatal to Obama’s qualifications for the presidency: first, he has a foreign father who was never an American; second, Obama is a dual citizen.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s Milquetoast email request for Hawaii to confirm the ‘information on Obama’s birth in Hawaii, and to accept an email response, got him what he, the republicans, and Obama wanted: another false ‘official’ statement from Hawaii’s Department of Heath (HDOH) supposedly validating Obama’s birth in Hawaii.  Ah, more ‘stuff’ that they can hide behind, claiming ‘due diligence’ has been done.

Hoping to put an end to the story,those pesky ballot challenges and Sheriffs, Hawaii and the AZ SoS perpetuate the myth and meme of ‘born in the USA”, or “American citizen”–as the only qualifying factor for President– to deceive the voting public.  The Hawaii release did not authenticate Obama’s 2011 electronic version of the Birth Certificate, leaving Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation in tact and relevant.  Hawaii also did not verify anything about Obama’s adoption.

We told you.

What no one expected was to have Barack Obama’s dual citizenship confirmed, again, by listing the name and birthplace of the father Barack Obama Senior and Kenya, East Africa (lots of name changes there since the 2008 short form).  Barack Obama junior was born a dual citizen of Britain and the United States.  The failure for Mr. Obama is that once born a British citizen, one cannot lose that citizenship unless it is specifically renounced.  His Kenyan citizenship may have expired unless he claimed it in 1983-but not his original British bonafides.

Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of the Constitution requires the president to be either in either one of two citizenship categories:

  1.  a ‘natural born citizen’, or
  2.  a ‘citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution’:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Solid Constitutional, legal, and historic information support the definition of natural born citizen that must be used until the United States Supreme Court says differently.  A natural born citizen is born in the United States of parents who are American citizens.  Not a single parent; not the mother or the father, but both parents.

Obama has a foreign father thus fails the two-citizen parent test.

The consistent mistakes made by all deniers of Article II include citing erroneous case law, the 14th Amendment, or stating Article II reads that ‘citizens’ are allowed to be President, ignoring the necessary phrase ‘at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution’ in context. Other mistakes are made in looking to English Common Law’s definitions of and rules for acquiring ‘citizenship’.  A British citizen-subject is not an American natural born citizen.

But even if these common mistakes that Obama supporters and attorneys make are allowed to stand in court, no one can say that Article II permits a dual citizen to be the president

You have to be ‘natural born’ or, a ‘citizen at the time of the adoption of this Constitution’.  The Constitution does not add that category dual citizen as eligible for the Presidency. Nothing in any further legislation or amendment makes the Presidency open to being filled by a ‘naturalized’ American citizen.

The bottom line is that even if you think there is ambiguity in the definition of ‘natural born citizen’, there is NO AMBIGUITY that a dual citizen cannot be president or vice president of the United States.

Bennett’s Mistake is an Opening

Bennett makes his first mistake by asking only if Obama was born in Hawaii.  In doing so, Bennett actually takes it upon himself to define natural born citizen as ‘born in the USA” in contrast to 200 years of Constitutional law and Supreme Court case law in the United States. Furthermore, by ignoring the citizenship of Barack Obama’s father and Obama’s resulting dual citizenship, Bennett is unlawfully expanding the definition of natural born citizen to include dual citizens. As the State’s top election official, he has no authority to change the definition of natural born citizen nor to expand the classes of citizens qualified to hold the office.

After informing Secretary Bennett of Mr. Obama’s statement admitting the British Nationality Act governs his citizenship, the next series of questions for Secretary Bennett could include:

  • Does the Constitution permit a dual citizen to hold the office of President?
  • Does the Constitution permit a ‘naturalized’ citizen to hold the office of President?
  • Has Barack Obama renounced his dual citizenship with Britain?
  • Does Barack Obama’s known adoption by an Indonesian affect his existing dual citizenship?
  • Has Barack Obama naturalized as an American citizen?

These are questions Secretary Bennett should forward to the Attorney General.  An honest investigation will find that unless the Constitution is formally amended or the Supreme Court rules on these questions, Mr. Obama cannot qualify for Arizona’s ballot.

(update) This information, coupled with his publicist’s printing of  his biography raises significant doubt as to the legal validity or wisdom of placing Barack Obama on the ballot.  After all is said and done, this is misprision of felony!

Let this be the due diligence Arizonan’s require and their public servants provide. Let this effort lock him out of our White House forever!

Information Special Update by Jerome Corsi

Start at 2 hours, 15 minutes till end  for news on the Obama investigation, and much more, from Jerome Corsi (h/t j2j2):

“Try to fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… But not prove they are a citizen.”


“If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”
Many Democrat political leaders, government officials and Politically Correct Voters are co-conspirators in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, B. Hussein Obama

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men. – Abraham Lincoln

Frank – Dodd Act
Just another failed democrat piece of legislation designed to launder Money back to the DEMONcrats


Full Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference – Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation – YouTube

Full Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference – Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation – YouTube

via Full Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference – Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation – YouTube.

Trump Won\’t Back Off Obama\’s Birth Papers

Trump Won\’t Back Off Obama\’s Birth Papers

via Trump Won\’t Back Off Obama\’s Birth Papers.

Donald Trump is not backing down from his demand that President Barack Obama produce his birth certificate and stepped up his criticism by questioning why he has not released other personal records, including college transcripts and legislative papers.

The billionaire real estate tycoon and star of “The Apprentice” created a stir on Wednesday when he said on “The View” that Obama must release his birth certificate.

Now Trump has reiterated his call in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, with this simple message for Obama: Why don’t you produce your birth certificate and put to rest all speculation that you were born outside the United States?

He says Obama’s birth certificate controversy is a “strange situation” — there are conflicting reports as to what Honolulu hospital he was born at, and the governor of Hawaii claims he somehow remembers Obama being born 50 years ago.

Story continues below.

Trump, who says he will soon announce if he will run for president in 2012, also says Libya is a “total mess,” with Iran possibly behind the rebels and waiting to take over the country, and charges that the United States is going to “hell in a hand basket.”

“It’s a very simple situation,” Trump says in regard to the birth certificate issue. “I’d just like to see his birth certificate.

“I’m hearing all sorts of stories that his own family can’t agree which hospital he was born in and lots of other things, and I’m trying to find out where is the birth certificate. I have a birth certificate. Where is his birth certificate?

“If you’re born in this country, to the best of my knowledge people have a birth certificate.”

Obama asserts that he was born in Honolulu, but former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip Berg has claimed that Obama’s paternal grandmother says she was in the delivery room when he was born in Kenya.

There are even differing reports about which Honolulu hospital he may have been born at. During his 2008 presidential campaign numerous reports indicated Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Center. Later, Obama’s half sister said he was born at the Katiolani Medical Center.

After questions were raised about his birth, Obama’s campaign released a Certification of Live Birth. The form is a summary document and does not include the newborn’s location of birth. The long-form Birth Certificate includes such data, but Obama has declined to release it.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie first ordered the state attorney general and health department director to release more information about Obama’s birth there, then abandoned that pursuit.

“It is an amazing situation,” Trump says of the governor’s actions.
“And later the governor said, but I remember when he was born. I said, what? You actually remember when somebody was born? It sounded very unusual that a Democratic governor would remember when somebody was born 50 years ago.

“I assume that Obama was born in the United States. I assume he was probably born in Hawaii. But I have to get rid of the word ‘assume.’ If somebody wants to run for president you have to be born in this country.

And when the family argues about which hospital it was because they’re not sure, as has been reported, and you don’t have a birth certificate, it’s sort of a strange situation.”

Trump adds: “I don’t want there to be a question. I think it would be wonderful news for everybody, including me, if the birth certificate is found. But at this moment there is no birth certificate.

“Some people say it exists, and if it exists, even worse, why isn’t he showing it? So I would like to see a birth certificate, and when the governor and everybody else say they think it exists, why don’t they produce it?”

Asked if Obama has fulfilled his campaign pledge to have the most transparent administration, Trump responds: “Certainly he hasn’t in terms of his birth, and I guess a lot of college records and other records haven’t been produced, and that’s a little unusual. Why wouldn’t you produce your records?

“There are client lists that haven’t been produced and lobbying lists that haven’t been produced, so there are a lot of things that haven’t been produced for somebody who is supposed to be so transparent.

“There’s certainly not a lot of transparency.”

Asked about the Obama administration’s handling of the rebellion in Libya, Trump tells Newsmax: “For one thing, if you’re going to save lives on a humanitarian basis you should have started sooner, because many of those lives are gone.

“For another thing, you really have to find out who you’re fighting for. Who are the rebels? You have some people who say that Iran is controlling the rebels, that Iran is the happiest of all nations because they think as soon as we leave they’re going to go in with the rebels and take over Libya.

“I hear more and more reports that the rebels aren’t the sweetest people on earth either. It looks to me like it’s a total mess.”

Polls show Trump among the leaders in the GOP field for the 2012 presidential nomination. Asked if he has decided whether or not to run, Trump says: “I will be announcing one way or another somewhere prior to June.

“I hate what’s happening to this country. It’s never been at a point like this, ever. We’re not respected. We’re scoffed at. We’re laughed at by other places. People from China and other places cannot believe they’re getting away with what they’re getting away with. We’re rebuilding China. We’re rebuilding other countries, and our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

“One thing I can say, if I ran and if I won, that would stop, and everybody knows it. I think that’s why I do well in the polls.”

Read more on Newsmax.com: Trump Won’t Back Off Obama’s Birth Papers
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

Conference Discusses Obama’s Birth Certificate – The Philadelphia Bulletin Archives

Group Begins Movement To Boycott Hawaii

By JOHN P. CONNOLLY, The Bulletin

Monday, April 06, 2009

Washington — A group seeking to force the State of Hawaii to release President Barack Obama’s birth certificate met this past weekend to discuss the prospects of getting the state to make it public as well as the involved legal issues.

So-far, efforts to get Hawaii to release the birth certificate have been hampered by the doctrine of legal standing, which requires a plaintiff to show how he or she has been directly harmed by another person’s actions. In this case, courts have repeatedly ruled ordinary citizens cannot sue Mr. Obama to obtain his birth certificate because they lack standing.

The lack of standing mainly stems from the fact the plaintiffs did not raise legal objections to the president’s birth certificate and his place on the ballot before the 2008 primaries. Consequently, the right to legally object was considered to have been legally waived by the courts that have already ruled on the standing issue.

Andy Martin, the lawyer and author who is trying to get Hawaii to release Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, led the two-day conference. A long-time critic of Mr. Obama, Mr. Martin is credited with being the first person to raise questions about his religious upbringing and question if he was a Muslim.

“There’s never been a meeting where people got together and talked about this controversy, kicked it around,” said Mr. Martin. “We might even stimulate some people to go to Hawaii and take up their own cases.”

Mr. Martin, who has written a book about Mr. Obama, argues the president’s birth certificate and school records should be released for historical purposes.

Hawaii has laws that prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the birth certificate, with an exception for those who have a tangible interest in its contents, an interest Mr. Martin claims he has as a writer, writing about the man who is arguably one of the most public figures in the world.

Mr. Martin said his case has a much better chance to succeed because the definition of standing that has kept other cases from proceeding is much more liberal in a state court than a federal court.

Interest in the contents of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate intensified in 2008, when his campaign released a print off of his birth data, calling it his birth certificate.

While the document is legal, it was not his birth certificate. Mr. Obama’s lengthy legal efforts to prevent the document from being released have generated questions and speculations over what he might have to hide. Speculation has varied from the possibility he could be ineligible to be president to the idea…

Click on the link below to read more…

via Conference Discusses Obama’s Birth Certificate – The Philadelphia Bulletin Archives.

Hawaii, suffering tourism drop, appeals to Obama – Los Angeles Times

Hotel occupancy rates in the winter are the lowest in at least five years. State officials urge the president to block any policies that would limit business travel.
By Hugo Martín
April 8, 2009
Hawaii has suffered one of the worst winters for tourism in recent years and has appealed to the state’s most famous native son — President Obama — to help turn its fortunes around.

Hotel occupancy rates in the winter were the lowest in at least five years, and in February — traditionally the state’s busiest month — the rate dropped to 75%. That was the lowest level since 1991, during the Persian Gulf War, when it fell to 69.7%, according to Smith Travel Research.

The firm said Tuesday that the rates for February have ranged from about 80% to 88% over the last five years. The average daily room rate — another key measure of the industry’s health — dropped 12.4% in February from the same month in 2008.

Because of the country’s stubborn recession, Americans have held tight to their travel dollars. But Hawaii’s problems are compounded by an increasingly hostile attitude toward business travel, particularly when major corporations are laying off hundreds of workers and accepting government bailouts.

In 2008, business travel, such as conferences, conventions and business incentive programs, accounted for about 7% of all tourism in the state, or 442,000 visitors, according to state officials.

In a letter to Obama last month, Gov. Linda Lingle and 95 government leaders, business owners and tourism officials urged the president to block any policies that would limit business travel in the future.

Lingle said that since Jan. 1, 132 meetings and business trips had been canceled for this year and next, representing a loss of 87,003 room nights. The cancellations amount to losses of $58.8 million in direct revenue and 694 full- and part-time jobs in the state’s tourism industry, according to the letter.

“In this period of economic downturn when our government and businesses are striving to restore economic stability, the last thing we should do is implement policies or encourage behavior that jeopardizes any industry,” the governor wrote.

Obama himself may have contributed to what many tourism officials see as the vilification of business travel during an Indiana town hall meeting in February.

Asked about corporate spending and the federal bailout, the president said: “You can’t get corporate jets, you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime.”

Later, the White House tried to clarify the statement, saying the president encouraged travel, except for companies accepting government bailout money.

Northern Trust Corp. became an example of excess when it hosted clients and employees at a golf tournament at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades in February after accepting $1.6 billion in taxpayer assistance. Afterward, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) introduced legislation barring such expenditures for companies receiving taxpayer dollars.

Marcia Wienert, the governor’s tourism liaison, said Hawaii’s tourism industry has been hurt by companies that have not accepted government money but canceled trips for fear of a negative perception.

“Those are the residual effects that were unintended but are having huge impacts on our economy,” she said.

In response, Hawaii’s tourism leaders have launched a campaign pushing the message that workers who meet in Hawaii are happier, more productive and more focused afterward.

“If you make the decision to cancel your trip to Hawaii or go elsewhere, ultimately that can affect your bottom line,” said Mike Murray, vice president for corporate meetings and incentives at the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.