News and information for the East Austin Commmunity

Welcome to Austin Voice, your one stop blog for happenings in and around the East Ausin Community to give information about community events, politics, etc. We hope you visit often.

2 responses to “News and information for the East Austin Commmunity

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. jpcopywritingservices

    Remembering Pearl Harbor
    80 years ago today, on Sunday, December 7, 1941, just before 8 a.m., Japan attacked the US by bombing Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island, Hawaii. Even though strategists had thought of the possibility of such an attack, no one really believed that it could be possible. And even less than it would happen at Pearl Harbor. Surprise, surprise.
    Find out more by clicking on the link below…
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    Please feel free to leave me your comments with your views. I am and will read all comments and respond.

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