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REPUBLICAN INSIDER: “Out With The Old – And In With The New” – The Ulsterman Report

REPUBLICAN INSIDER: “Out With The Old – And In With The New” – The Ulsterman Report.


REPUBLICAN INSIDER: Obama Livid Over Gun Rights Backlash – The Ulsterman Report


WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Barack Obama’s High Tech Snuff Films… – The Ulsterman Report

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Barack Obama’s High Tech Snuff Films… – The Ulsterman Report

via WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Barack Obama’s High Tech Snuff Films… – The Ulsterman Report.

NOTE:  This is Part Two of our latest sit down interview with a longtime D.C. political operative who has given insights into the workings of the Obama White House that have time and again later proven accurate by subsequent Mainstream Media reports.

PART ONE AVAILABLE HERE:  WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama In Serious Trouble – And That Makes Him Very Dangerous


WHI:  …Obama loves them drones. He has made them a personal priority above all else.

The question that is also the answer to so much of this then – is WHY? From there…I got the goods…I told you what their re-election plan was. How they are gonna use race, division, chaos…that’s the re-election plan. Folks are talking now…from inside the administration. And they are afraid. Sh-t ain’t right. Where they wanna take us – and it’s got people upset. Military had wind of it first…the Old Man knew…now it’s spreading. Not about the election campaign -the second term plan. There’s denials being sent back…but nobody trusts them now. And the ones who do…they are in on it themselves. Others…like me…you might see us smilin’ and noddin’…but know that’s just the public face we are putting on. We gotta do that to maintain access. Don’t let that throw you – you’re gonna see more and more of that in the coming months. That just needs to be done. We lose our access…makes it a hell of a lot tougher to plan, right? So you may see me saying one thing…I’m doing it different. You gotta trust me on that. There will come a time in all of this…it’s gonna get tough, it’s gonna get weird…you’re gonna feel used up. Betrayed. When we reach that point, and we will – I’m tellin’ you now – we will reach that point…trust is what will keep it all together. If we don’t have that…they win. And if they win – we all are gonna lose and lose hard.

The country’s really in the sh-t now…and the papers runnin’ low…

UM:  I need to your to expand on the Drone thing – Obama’s love of using the drones.  You say you “got the goods” – your words.  What do you mean?

WHI:  It’s what has been brewin’ for well over a year now…it’s causing all kinds of hell between the administration…the military…infighting and concern among the staff…even Jarrett don’t have a handle on all of it.  Even she is not entirely comfortable with how the president has sunk his teeth into the drones…the kill list.  She’s not bothered by their use specifically…she’s more…I would guess she’s more worried over the political implications of Obama’s obsession…that eventually enough people will stand together and say ENOUGH.  She can’t afford to have that happen too soon…the re-election makes them all vulnerable…the plans…the obligations to others…America can still stop them in 2012 and she understands that.  So having Obama so oddly focused…not just focused…he gets excited…visually…the guy gets off on it and he ain’t even hiding that fact anymore.  And some are repulsed by it.  They’ve done video reviews you know…of  the missions.  The drones.  The kills.

UM:  The president you mean?  He watches videos of the drone attacks?

WHI:  Yeah – like it was…like it was porn.  I can’t emphasize…I don’t think I’m painting a clear enough picture here for you of how this thing has people really freaking out inside the administration.  It’s good on one hand because it’s got more of them willing to talk…but…the fact it’s gotten this bad…these drones…an American president who has the video sent up to his personal study so he can watch them over and over again…like I said – sh-t ain’t right.  And more and more people are figuring that out – and that is what has Jarrett concerned.  But even she…Obama won’t listen to her on this one.  Those drones are the one thing he really feels he has control over…all the rest…he’s been told what to say and where to go…when to wake…when to sleep…but the drones.  The drones are all his – and he ain’t given those up.  For nobody.

UM:  So Jarrett is against the use of drones?

WHI:  No-no-no…I ain’t said that.  Far from it.  The drones are all part of this…the big big picture here…what she’s concerned over is that her boy…the president…he’s gotta get it under control…his obsession with using them like he has.  The weekly meetings, the kill list…I mean c’mon now…he’s got his own personal kill list.  The guy who campaigned against Bush era interrogations…Obama don’t interrogate.  He picks a name off a list…some of these people have beenU.S. citizens…he picks that name off a list and orders the kill.  Then he gets the video confirmation of the kill…and he watches it.  Over and over and over again.


Jarrett knows she has got to tap that down.  That kind of display…it’s repulsive to people.  And it’s freaking them out.  Jarrett don’t mind the drones…she approves of the program…she approves of what…of how they will be utilized at home.  But if the president…if his reaction to using them…how he gets off on it…that endangers them having control of those drones after 2012…and beyond.  It’s a politically difficult – an extremely difficult argument to win.  A guy who complained loudly about water boarding – it don’t kill the poor bastard.  It makes ‘em talk.  Barack Obama declared that to be offensive to the ideals of America, right?  But now Barack Obama…he’s judge and jury.  With a pointing of a finger to names on a list…Barack Obama gets to play God.  No day in court.  No guarantee innocent people won’t be killed as well – and they have been killed.  Children.  Women.  Over and over again.  And this president…he has that knowledge when he watches the kill confirmations.  And he watches it over and over again.  These are high tech snuff films – a multi-billion dollar snuff program…and he gets off on it.

You ok?

UM:  This is sickening.  What you’re telling me…this is disturbing on a whole other level.

WHI:  (Points finger)  THAT’S the reaction people are having to this – right there.  And that’s the reaction Jarrett is worrying over.  She’s gotta try and contain it – but the president’s obsession is becoming too much to do that.  The knowledge of it – it’s getting out now.  Reaching other world leaders…it ain’t good.  Even if it might give us a political advantage…you want sickening?  I think to myself…what I just told you…I ask myself what if we lose?  What if this guy is re-elected?  You call it a whole other level?  Yeah – you say that…but you don’t really understand it.  Those drones…their domestic use…don’t think he ain’t thought about it.  A lot.

You see, Obama – he don’t trust the military.  Not all of them…not many of them.  But he trusts those drones, now don’t he?  Don’t take him having to trust some military official to order troops to carry out an order inside the United States.  It’s just inputting a bit of data – and the push of a button, right?  And keep the f-cking military out of that equation there.  Move the program…attach it directly to the White House.  Make it…make it part of Homeland Security, right?  Simple as that.  One appropriations bill – just one…and it’s done.

…And Valerie Jarrett – she wants that.  Her…the investors who are behind Obama…they are completely in favor of that.

UM:  Of a domestic drone program?  Why?  What’s the purpose?

WHI:  Same as everything else this administration has attempted to implement – control.  Absolute and total f-cking control.  No different than Obamacare…expansion of the EPA…all the czars…bypassing of Congressional oversight…it’s all about control.  And in order to secure that control – you need chaos.  That chaos gives the justification for the drones.  And the Occupy bullsh-t, the race riot threats…think about that.  Think about the timing of the domestic drone program…tie it in with all the manufactured chaos that’s comin’. His calls for a citizen police force that was equal to the United States military.  Obama said it himself, right?  Before he was elected?  He said it.  His wife said it.

UM:  Said what?

WHI:  Do you know Michelle Obama…it was in ’08…she was speaking…some campaign stop…she got up from her chair and began to say how America needed to change its traditions – how it needed to change its history.  That got some of us concerned at the time.  That kind of thing…in a normal campaign you would have seen the media jumping all over it.  Didn’t happen this time though.  And when people went back to the campaign and expressed concern about those kinds of things – how the Obama’s were repeating their desire to change everything about America…we were told to shut up.  That language was supported by on high.

UM:  On high?

WHI:  Jarrett.  She wanted that language to be part of the campaign trail.  That language…it sent word back to their investors that they were in fact the real deal.  Now I didn’t realize this at the time…too damn busy.  The campaign.  But hindsight, right?  Looking back, you start to piece the puzzle together…now I understand what she was doing – what Jarrett was doing.  She was keeping those dollars flowing into the campaign…into the media control mechanism they had set up…letting the investors know their time had come.  This candidate – this Barack Obama – he was gonna implement what they had wanted…what they had planned for – for a very long time.  Five days out – Obama re-affirmed that promise.  He said it, right?  “Fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

UM:  Who are “they”?

WHI:  I already told you…the socialists…Marxists…globalists, progressives, Big Labor, Green Energy…just different sides of the same fact.

UM:  You have to be more specific.  Lots of people can and will say what you just did.

WHI:  Difference is – when I say it…you know it’s fact.  You know it’s about to play out like I’m telling you.

UM:  Sometimes.

WHI:  You’re doubting what I’m telling you?

UM:  (Pause)  You haven’t told me much to doubt. Regarding the investors you are talking about here – I want to know who they are.  Give me names.

WHI:  (Voice raises) You were given a name. Hell, you wrote about that name and did a good job of it.  The Old Man told you  – you wanna accuse him of not telling you much?  You wanna insult him like you just insulted me?

UM:  No insult was intended.  What is the name that you’re talking about here?

WHI:  You were told about Gerard.  He’s a kingmaker in all of this.  You wanna know somebody who can make Valerie Jarrett sh-t all over herself?  Leo Gerard would be one of those people.  You get beyond him and you’re dealing with a level neither one of us can understand – or would want to.  That’s for the Old Man to throw punches – we ain’t never gonna be in that world.  Leo Gerard – The Man Who Controls The Obama Agenda

UM:  Ok – Gerard.  Yes – we talked about him.  Jarrett answers to him?

WHI:  He would be one – absolutely.  He’s Big Labor on an international level.  He’s got use of American military, American influence, American intelligence…those things are at his disposal if need be.  Globalist…the desire to place the world under the banner of Big Labor.  The expansion intoBrazil…Africa…follow the crumbs man.  It’s all there.  But try and get the kind of information that can burn them – the stuff that you could send to the Hill…as long as Eric Holder is holding the line…very tough.  And very dangerous.  That’s why I’m telling you to stay out ofChicago.  That’s why I’m staying out of there.

UM:  You got spooked.  Why?

WHI:  The body count got a little high for my personal comfort.  I’d ain’t quite reached as ripe an old age as I would like – not just yet.

UM:  Don’t talk in circles – explain it to me.

WHI:  Like we explained Gerard to you?  You paid attention to that for what?  About a week? Then what?  You forgot all about it?  That’s what they are counting on you know? America will forget.  Lose focus.  Shrug it shoulders.  Say whatever.  And before they get back to paying attention again – too late.  For all of us.  I been sayin’ for a long time – few things in this world more stupid than the American voter.  Poor dumb bastards.

UM:  I have some readers I think would prove you wrong on that.

WHI:  Sh-t.  You think so?  How many times I gotta tell you – this ain’t about your f-cking  readers.  This ain’t about you.  This is…you know what this is.  What it’s always been.

UM:  Say it.  Tell me what this is about.

WHI:  (Long sigh)  You know.

UM:  Fine – say it.  I want them to know.

WHI:  Exactly.  THEM.  This has always been about letting them know – we got their number.  They can’t hide everything.  The information is getting out…they have threatened.  They have fired.  Hell…they’ve silenced some of us permanently.  But the information is still getting out – and it’s driving them crazy.  It’s making them sloppy.  It’s giving us an advantage.  The Old Man said it – this is a war we are fighting here.  Call it us against them – good vs evil…whatever.  Call it whatever.  I don’t give a sh-t what you wanna call it – just as long as we win and they lose, because if they win – it’s like Obama said himself – the fundamental transformation of America.  They gonna tell us what to think.  What to eat.  What to drink.  What to read.  What to watch.  And if somebody don’t like that…then you’ll be on a list now won’t you.  And an order will be given.  And later, sitting up in some second floor study will be that skinny ass Manchurian piece of sh-t playing it over and over again.

UM:  What spooked you in Chicago?

WHI:  You don’t need to know that.

UM:  Did you tell –name deleted-?

WHI:  The Old Man knows – he told me to leave it alone.  Told me to tell you.  Ain’t worth it.  Nothin’ will come of it – nobody willing to take that ball and run.  So we would just be…it would leave us too exposed.  If it wasn’t part of the Blago thing…it ain’t gonna see the light of day.  Not now.

UM: Chicago.  Vegas…is that part of it?

WHI:  You been lookin’?  Was that you?

UM:  Yes.

WHI:  Don’t.  Leave it.  I mean that.  Not gonna have that on my hands.  Leave it alone.  And don’t make it part of this – leave it out.

UM:  No – this stays in.

WHI:  Why?

UM:  I have my own reasons.

WHI:  You wanna explain that?

UM:  As soon as you tell me what you’re backing away from in Chicago.

WHI:  I ain’t playing here – this is done now.  Leave it.

UM:  It’s much bigger than Chicago…and I think it connects directly to the stimulus funds.  They took what was being done back then and applied it at the federal level – so it ties directly to the administration, right?  -Name deleted- has always said it was Solyndra that could bring down the administration – what Solyndra represented, right?

And I think that’s what you came across inChicago– the dots connected.  Big time.

WHI:  We’re done.

UM:  Jarrett. Michelle.  The hospitals.  Rezko.  Labor unions.  Auchi.  8th Ward.  Fitzgerald.  Daley. Cook—–

WHI:  (interrupts)  Stop it – NOW.  Leave.  It.  Alone.  You’re a f-cking bug.  An ant.  You won’t be missed.  Those readers of yours?  They could give a sh-t.  Here or not here.  They could give a sh-t. Dancing with the F-cking Stars they care about.  You – not so much.  You understand that?  This ain’t about you.  It sure as hell ain’t about them.  Grow up.  Shut your mouth and print what I tell you to print.  No less.  No more. Do it like I say or I find someone else who will.  God-mmit you are gonna get yourself hurt in a bad way, son.

Don’t let your ego take over for good sense, right?  If I tell you to leave it alone – you best believe I know what I’m sayin’ in that.  We’ve gone over the body count.  You ain’t even gonna make that list.  That’s how insignificant you are.  That’s why you get away with what you do.  It’s the entire premise of plausible deniability we talked about on day f-cking one.  So step down, shut up, and follow my lead.  I can’t save you from stupid – and that’s what you got going in this.

Stop playing detective and shut the f-ck up.  I mean it…



NOTE:  I wish to make clear I do not share WHI’s views regarding those who read these reports – some of you are among the best and brightest as we work together to ensure Barack Obama’s defeat in 2012.   -UM



(thank you to the readers who sent this to me)


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WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: President Obama Says F**k Israel – The Ulsterman Report


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WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Pump and Dump” – The Ulsterman Report


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WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: I Hung My Head… – The Ulsterman Report

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: I Hung My Head… – The Ulsterman Report.

Following their witnessing of odd and troubling behavior from Barack Obama just prior to him taking the stage at the 2008 Democratic Convention, a longtime political operative is found dead, and those closely associated with him are facing a myriad of legal and financial challenges.  Coincidence – or something far more sinister?

Insider:  How about the involvement of one of the most powerful members of the United States Senate?  That enough to perk you up?  That enough…f-cking specifics for you?

We got the death of a longtimer…an operative.  Good solid party guy.  Fifty somethin’ years old.  Natural causes. No investigation.  He sees something about the current United States president…says it…shares it with some others, including this Senator.  They are tight.  Go way back a ways.  She’s got power.  If she has…if she gets some kind of information… that makes her a threat.  It makes him a threat.  There’s a business partner…he…well wouldn’t you know it…he has a serious legal threat brought down on him around the same time!  Imagine that?  Bet he was told something too, right?  No accident there.  Warnings is what was going on there.  Back the f-ck off – and it was comin’ right from the White House boys.  Or worse yet…back to f-cking Chicago.  The unions.  That vote that pissed ‘em off so much.  And then they killed him.  And now they are taking on the Senator herself.  Right on it.  Theft?  And the fu–ing thief is…I sh-t you not…she headed up an Obama group.  That’s either ballsy or stupid…or both…or just fu–ing insane.  The Senator…she knew something.  That vote…how she bypassed Obama on the Bin Laden announcement.  That wasn’t his call and she knew it.  She knew it.  Her words that night.  “No one knows when. No one knows how. No one knows why.”  She was warning them to back off…the White House.  Back the f-ck off.  The public face…all smiles and nods.  That’s how it’s always done…but there’s what’s said off to the side, if you know what to hear…you catch it.  It’s there.  You just gotta wait for it.  You just—

UM:  Apologies, but you…can you slow down.  You’re throwing out too much too fast here.  Slow it down.  Please.  I apologize but this is…it will be way too difficult to follow.

Insider: For who?

UM:  For me…for anyone who reads this.

Insider:  I don’t give a f-ck about them…this ain’t…I am…this ain’t for them.  You asked me to tell you this…you…this is for you.  I…if they can’t follow it…let the dumb bastards try.  Piss on ‘em.

UM: Fine – but I can’t follow it…so…start again.  The Senator – start with her.  Take a bit of time to explain that…

…and then go from there.

Insider:  From where to there and back again…this…I just don’t see this being part of what we’re doing.  What’s done is done.  We need to focus on the election, Fast and Furious…getting Holder gone.  That’s…I can see that in front of me.  -Name deleted – dying…his death…it’s just my speculation…my wondering about…about things.

UM: The story – your story…it has value.  Tell the tale.  Put it together – how it all fits.

Insider: I ain’t put nothin’ together son…got more questions than answers just like you.  Don’t patronize me…don’t EVER patronize ME.

UM:  You know that’s not what I’m doing – just get to the story.  Start with the Senator and go from there…

Insider: (Long sigh) …Yes…the Senator…the others…you add it up…I may not have the answer but I got the problem…it don’t add up right now does it?

…The Senator…she and -name deleted- go way back.  Long time.  So if he saw somethin’ in Denver…he woulda told her. I have no doubt about that.  He woulda told her, and he woulda told some others.  A few folks.  He was sharp enough…he was sharp period…he wouldn’t have gone off blabbin’ what he saw…not something like that…that woulda been dangerous to do.  But he would…he woulda talked to a few folks about it initially.  Carefully.

And he’s connected with Clinton people too…I didn’t tell you that before.  A few of them…he mighta told them too as a means to…to protect himself.

UM:  He was West Coast – he had ties to the Clintons?

Insider:  Oh yeah…close friend of -Name Deleted – Tight.  They did some work together back in…way back in ’94 – no….’92.  Friends in high places and all that.  They were…he mighta told him about it.  Very possible.

UM:  Back to the Senator…

Insider:  The Senator…and another operative.  I’ll start with him…he’s connected to the Senator…the story popped up in 2009.  Shortly after Obama takes office.  I hadn’t heard the story from -Name Deleted- about the convention yet.  That would come later…like I said…we go there and back and there again on all this sh-t.

…so this other operative – he’s a big player in the party too.  Connected.  Gets himself into all kinds of trouble…heading to prison by the way.

UM:  Who?

Insider:  No names – no fu–ing names.  Told you that…not gonna have the responsibility…you keep your mouth shut now and let me…you let me talk…this is coming out now so fine…let me be done with it…let it be done…

…This fella, he’s off to jail, but the sentence…he’ll be out soon enough.  But somebody slapped him up hard on this thing…he pissed somebody off bad.  The union boys…somebody is jerking his ass back in line…hard.  That’s how I thought of back in ’09 when I first heard.  Now…now you remember…he’s connected to the Senator…he’s connected to…he’s worked with -Name Deleted- …he mighta been told…I’m certain he was told about what happened in Denver.  That’s why he got in trouble…he knew about it…maybe more…so he get’s stepped on.  That’s how it’s done.  They may not take your life…they’ll just mess you up good.

UM:  Can you at least say what they are going to prison for?

Insider:  For doing what so many of them are doing…for doing what has and will always be done…it’s just like Blago – EXACTLY like it.  That boy knows things…he knows it.  So…don’t kill the poor bastard outright…just give him a seriously tough warnin’.  Same thing with this other fella – got no doubt about that.  I was just trying to figure out the motivation…why they was gettin’ busted up.  When I heard the Denver story…then him dyin’ like that…then it came together.  Then I got that sick feelin’…way down in your stomach when you just know…you just know somethin’ ain’t right here.

…So this guy…his world starts to come crashing down in 2009…that’s the first big clue to the Denver situation.  He’s being told to shut the f-ck up.

…Now we move into 2010…let’s say -Name Deleted-, he’s been tellin’ a few folks about what he saw in Denver…back in ’08.  Maybe by now…maybe that got him to looking into some other things…maybe he’s gettin’ a bit…gettin’ scared.  Now this is my speculation here…I got nothin’ to point at to confirm none of this…

UM:  Understood – but given your track record of success…I’m fine hearing your thoughts.  If you have a suspicion – I want to hear it.

Insider:  Ok then…so let’s say my friend…he’s looking around a bit.  He saw that sh-t go down in Denver…he’s wondering what the hell is up with that.  He’s looking in some other places.  There’s a campaign in 2010…and a candidate who is very much an Obama approved candidate.  Does my friend work her campaign?  Logic says hell yes he would, right?  He worked to get Obama in during 2008.  He helped organize the guy’s convention in Denver, right?  So why wouldn’t he help to elect the person the Obama people want in that position?

…Except he doesn’t.  He works against her.  He works hard against her.  And that campaign…that position…if he has concerns about a President of the United States…that position would be a very powerful weapon.  Very powerful.  So by working that campaign…my friend is working against the Obama people.  He’s taking them on.  And the position being fought over…it ties into Obamacare, immigration, the union deal…it’s big.  Important.  And a guy who helped usher…to bring Obama on as president…he’s now working hard against the administration.  Somethin’ goin’ on there.

And that union deal…the card check legislation…the same Senator we been talking about…they come out against it.  You know how that shook up the Obama White House?  How pissed they were over that?  Those union fellas…Gerard…the one you wrote so much about…he was all over that convention.  Him and the Soros people…they were crawling all over that place.  That’s another story there…some of the Hillary people…they were…right up to the day that convention got started…they were talking of staging a walk out…and the union fellas…word is they put the fear of God into them…literally threatened them, their families…they were told to sit the f-ck down.  And that might be playing a part in all this too…probably is…the unions…this administration…

UM:  Focus on the Senator…your friend…that campaign…

Insider:  Right-right…the Senator…they are smacking up…right up against the union vote.  Killing it.  Kinda outta the blue on that…an odd thing.  So you have them doing that…you got that other operative…he’s facing jail time…all this happens at about the same time.  All of this…they are closely linked to my friend.

UM:  The one who later died?

Insider:  Yes…that’s…that’s right.

…and then in 2010 you got my friend going directly against the Obama administration – working against their candidate of choice.  And you need to remember…California…Obama lost the primary out there.  That plays a part in this…the president needed to lock up this position.  That 2010 election was much more important to him than folks realize…and my friend…I’ll repeat it again…he was working against the Obama White House in 2010.

UM:  Did your friend’s candidate win?  The campaign they were working on?

Insider:  Noooo…the Obama candidate won…and my gut says that left my friend…it left them exposed.  Losing that election…if he had won it…like I said…he would have had a very powerful weapon against Barack Obama.  But he lost…and that loss…that’s when he really started talking about what happened in Denver in 2008 – at the convention…that’s when I heard about it, not just from him, but a few others.  So that means he was talking more…I think he was worried…and then it certainly came to the attention of…others.

(Long Pause) …he would be dead within months of losing that election.  Timing…timing is everything huh?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not…

…and the Senator…they don’t get out of this unscathed either…their entire…my understanding is their entire campaign fund…gone.  Taken.  And THAT is going down around the same time my friend dies.  Again…you wanna call that coincidence?  How much coincidence can a fella take before they start to question what the f-ck is going on?  That’s where I was at at that point…what the f-ck is going on?

UM:  Explain your thoughts on the theft – how that ties in to all of this.

Insider:  I’ll do more than that – I’m gonna take it farther than what I told you before…this thing…what my friend mighta uncovered…it goes beyond Denver.  I think they may have warned him after Denver…but he came across more than that…that’s my gut talkin’ again.  My instinct – and I’ve been at this a loooong time.  I know this playbook…some might say I helped write it.  I certainly have come up with some of the rules over the years…

…that theft…the individual involved…no way they should have been in that position.  Who authorized that?  They already had baggage, a poor reputation…and she’s the one in charge of the millions of dollars sitting in a United States Senator’s campaign fund?  Bullsh-t!  NO way.  NO fu–ing way.  She was placed there by somebody with the authority…with the muscle to make that happen.  Not in a state this important.  Not with…like I said…all the things on the line…the union legislation…the challenges coming against Obamacare…no way a woman like that is allowed in that position unless she was there to do something very specific.

UM:  The theft?

Insider:  That is part of it…but I think it goes deeper.  You come across those donation allegations that sorta swirled around the Obama campaign back in ’08?  All the fake names…how difficult it was to trace the source?

UM: Vaguely.

Insider:  What if you had certain groups…unions, foreign donations…whatever…they needed to get money – talking a sh-tload of money to Obama back when he was runnin’.  I say this as somebody who experienced how much cash was floating around that campaign – it was unbelievable.  Money was never an issue.  NEVER.  It was everywhere…and how…no way they raised all that money on the up and up. You just knew people were getting around the donation limits – had to be.  There was…there was so much damn money in that campaign.  Staggering.

UM:  How does that relate to…to the theft from the Senator’s campaign?

Insider:  What if the individual responsible for that theft…what if they were acting as some kind of laundering organization?  And what if she represents a small fraction of the entire fu–ing operation that all ties back to the administration?  Tens…hundreds of millions?  Billions?  Who the f-ck knows?  The entire election system…the funding…what if it’s all corrupted?  All of it?

This is out there stuff…I know.  Sh-t yeah…I know…but what if my friend…he figured it out?  Maybe it was that…maybe I’m way the f-ck off  the mark here.  But…you know the Obama campaign…somethin’ like $300 million…maybe more…probably more…it’s not disclosing those donors?  It hasn’t yet?  They never will.  A ton of donors…laundered in…hidden from view…and that kind of money…you can buy a senator…you can buy a judge…you can buy…

…You’re willing to kill for it.

UM:  How’s that possible?  $300 million?  Undisclosed?

Insider:  Yes it’s possible – it was DONE.  This president – Obama…he did it.  Is doing it…and he’ll do it again…his people…they will do it again.  And maybe this time…maybe they’re up to a billion dollars…more?  Nobody knows.  Money from China?  Pakistan?  Iran?  Libya?  Nobody fu–ing knows.  That’s what I’m trying to lay out here…and I know it’s a convoluted mish…mish-mashing mess…that’s how they get away with it all.  Make it all so damn…messy.  You can’t follow it all…it’s impossible.

UM:  But you think your friend might have been…looking into this stuff?

Insider:  I do.  Or something related to it…they were onto something.  Let me try and summary – summarize it all up here.

You got a guy who is found dead.  Alone.  50-odd years old.  Been missing for a coupla weeks before they are discovered.  No signs of foul play.  The coroner comes out and says natural causes – no investigation.  None.  Now this person…they are kinda high profile…they got links to presidents for f-cks sake…and NO INVESTIGATION into cause of death?  That’s a huge alarm right there.  HUGE.

So this person now dead…you look back the past few years.  They got a story…an awful strange story about the President of the United States.  Soon after that story happened, they have a business associate getting charged – now going to jail.  Good chance this individual was told about that story…and maybe more.  Or maybe…coincidence?

You got a U.S. Senator…powerful Senator…they come out against the administration shortly after the events in Denver.  Not long after.  Why?  Just politics? Or something else?  Then again…maybe just coincidence.

You have my friend in 2010 battling against the Obama approved candidate for a position that could provide the means to take on the administration – full on.  Now this campaign is going down less than a year before my friend is to be found dead.  Coincidence?

Follow that up with the Senator who then has their campaign fund robbed by a person who once headed up a group called Californians for Obama.  Coincidence?

And let’s talk about that time when my friend died.  How the Senator…the words they used to describe that death.  “No one knows HOW.  No one knows WHEN.  No one knows WHY.”  My gut tells me that Senator may not know the answer to the first two…but they know…yes they know the answer to the third.  And that statement…those words were chosen very carefully.   And then they follow it up with speaking out BEFORE the president on the only real achievement the administration can try and claim as a victory – the Bin Laden killing?  This senator is the one to make the first public announcement – not the president?  And they chose to do so at the memorial for my friend?  Coincidence?

No…this senator was sending a message.  They knew the real deal about Bin Laden…or some of it.  They knew enough to challenge…if backed into a corner they would…they would challenge the story the White House was gonna come out with – the story that painted Barack Obama as a hero.  The senator was telling the White House to back off…

…you can snuff us out…people like me.  But to take on a sitting Senator…even a president has to proceed with caution on that…especially if that senator has the goods, and I am pretty certain this one does.

So there’s that story.  You think it’s got some value?  Fine…publish it.  Whatever.  I’m gonna go back to work on Holder…get him out.  He knows all of this sh-t.  All of it.  Get him gone…and it’s gonna be a campaign issue now.  They delayed it…the administration…Issa played along…now it’s a campaign issue.  Murderers.  All of them.  Fu–ing murderers…


…God I’m tired.

…You like Cash?

UM:  Cash?

Insider:  Yeah…Johnny Cash.

UM:  Sure.

Insider:  There’s a song of his…it was given to me a couple months back…I keep playing it over and over again.  The more tired I get…the more I hear that song…

…I’m going to hell you know…done terrible things in this life.  Hurt a lot of people.  Ignored things I shouldn’t have…

(long pause)

…done…done terrible things…heaven ain’t an option for the likes a me…

UM:  So long as you breath…there’s always options.  Redemption…God forgives…God forgives even the worst of sin…

Insider:  (Laughs)  …Oh man…I wish I could see the world through your eyes for just a day…idealistic son-of-a-b-tch…

…No disrespect son…but…you don’t know ME.  You really don’t…you don’t know the things…you don’t know what I’m capable of…what…Jesus Lord…the things I’ve done…

UM:  You’re not all bad – I’ve seen that.

Insider:  I’m a long-long way off from good…

UM:  What’s the song?

Insider:  What?

UM:  The song – the Cash song?

Insider:  Ah…the song.  I hear it playin’ in my head now…all the time.  Been hearing it when I’m talking to you…it just plays over and over…

…Damn tired son.  This thing…all of it…I hope that good you say I got…I hope that’s enough…but I don’t think so.  Not for me.  Heaven ain’t for this old boy…

…That song…Hung My Head.  That’s the name of it.

(Long drawn out sigh)


I Hung My Head…